Methods of Payment

First, select the working and identical method of payment from your side with one of the following methods. If by Crypto, scan, and enter the amount. For Crypto, sending incorrect coins may result in permanent loss. Operated as an agent by TOTRADE LTD, Company number: 13682112, SIC: unrestricted, Registered office address: International House, 36-38 Cornhill, City of London. Law governed: UCC and International Law. We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions but deny any liability for any loss caused by others. For more info, call us on WhatsApp.

Our partners, collaborators, and sponsors

LDCI™ Worldwide, our partners, collaborators, and sponsors policies are to collaborate through partnership and strategic alliances, to create international telecoms networks, to acquire successful business opportunities, to expand and diversify our industries horizontally and vertically, to adapt in the change in the global business environment, and to implement the 6 WEF challenges accepting solutions and the UNSDGs.

If your organisation share the same policies as ours, please apply to become our partner, our collaborator, or our sponsor.